Julia for Iranian users

Hello ,
I have developed a website for teaching Julia in Persian (Farsi) language for Iranian users.
unfortunately Julia is not known for Iranian users specially for math students.
and my question is how to add my website to to Julia community page
also if we want to make conference for introducing Julia in Tabriz,Iran how we could add our conference to juliacon.org site.
Thanks for any help.

For your web-site, you should make a PR against https://github.com/JuliaLang/julialang.github.com . However, concerning your conference, I’m pretty sure that the juliacon.org web-site is only for the official JuliaCon. But you should announce it on this forum. I’m not sure there is any other “supported” way to announce Julia conferences.

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ایده ی خوبیه. منم هستم.بچه های دانشگاه صنعتی اصفهان هم دارند روی جولیا کار های خوبی می کنند


I’m so happy to be in corporation with your team
tell your phone to be in contact.
خیلی خوشحالم ازاینکه میتونیم همکاری بکنیم
شماره تماس بفرمائین در ارتباط باشیم

Google translate says:

Good idea. I am. Some of the Isfahan University of Technology also do good work on Julia