[ANN] Chinese localization & Posts and Material recommended for propagate the Julia language

I receive some funding recently for the Chinese community for Julia language to let us set up a website and services like downloads for Julia compilers inside China, etc. (and packages in the near term future).

The original org JuliaCN was not functional for a while (because a lot of active Chinese users left Julia afterwards), but I’m trying to gather more people on the documentation translation and other works with this funding, so I could make it functional again.

Firstly, I would like to ask if there is anyone from the Julia team interested having a trip to Beijing, China. I can ask my sponsor about paying for the trip (it would be easier for me if you are from academic). I would like to host a meetup/ workshop to propagate the Julia language in August. However, since there is not much users inside China, I cannot guarantee the sponsors are willing to support the whole trip at the moment, but I will work on this in July to see if I could get more.

Secondly, though we have already had some posts about Julia in the Chinese community, I would like to translate more posts/blogs recommended by the community, so here I am. Please recommend me some nice posts here. I will try to finish them before the JuliaCon 2018.