Translation of Julia's document in Persian language

I want to translate Julia’s document into Farsi language.
My question is, will that original document be available or not?
Otherwise, what way do you suggest to make it available to the public through Julia’s main site so that they can easily use the translation and learn this language?


I just want you to know what you’re getting into. Julia’s docs are, by now, into hundreds of pages, I forget where the PDF link is, I think around 400 or 500.

I don’t know where you want to start, there seem to be (unofficial?) translations of the web page (which is very much smaller and manageable):

I suggest asking other translators, as I’m not up-to-speed, e.g. here, what they do:

I also like to point to:

That’s unofficial (and rather small I see already over 160 pages), and I believe Wikibooks wants/welcomes translators. They (any) translations, will quickly get out of sync… so I would start with whatever is most stable, the language syntax, and mention core packages that will be around.