New Website Repo and Test Url (

Happy New Year Everyone!

With the new year comes a new repository to host the website. The new repository and website will be using Hugo rather than Jekyll. We are currently testing and squashing some final bugs. Please hold off on making changes to the existing website repo until after this transition is complete in the next few days. After the transition, the old website repo will be archived.

We would appreciate it if you could check out (temporary URL we are using during testing) and provide any feedback you have! Please be sure to file an issue here if something on the new site does not seem right or is not working properly.

Big shout out to Abhinav Kaushlya (a 2019 Google Code-in student working on Julia) for all of your hard work as well as the other 277+ people who made contributions to the old website repository.


Update: The full website link is


I get a “server not found” for


Works for me. Maybe try clearing your history.

Doesn’t work with www. included for me.

Same here, but this works:

Now it works for me too.

I just have a general comment, not a specific issue: while I am happy to see Hugo being used, the website is still far from being static and uses a lot of JS. I generally disable JS (with NoScript) and only whitelist certain domains (mostly for MathJax and KaTeX).

If technically feasible, it would be great to make the website less reliant on scripts, at least providing a reasonable fallback when they cannot be run.


Same here. I back this wish. The specific problem here is, that a lot of JavaScript is served by URLs which I do not want to allow in general, because than I would open JavaScript for a lot of other sites too.
(But maybe we are just the old farts with the 2000er paranoia) :grinning:


If we are switching website frameworks, why not switch to something Julia based (e.g. instead?


Hugo is rather well-designed for organizing content on medium to large scale websites, and renders very fast (typically <1ms/page).

My only gripe with it as an occasional blogger is that it moves rather fast, so staying on the latest version means having to tweak the configuration and templates constantly to allow for new features.

For the record, here also is not found (NXDOMAIN) and is found but doesn’t load. A third-party down-detector ( also confirms “It’s not just you! is down.”

Update: meanwhile is up here as well. Guess it was some temporary outage.

It must be with https and without www
I think its just because its a test version.

I find both the new and old sites eminently usable with javascript disabled. Is there functionality I’m missing that doesn’t work without JS? on the other hand is utterly useless without JS, and it would be very nice if a static listing of packages was provided in addition to the dynamic searchable interface. And is severely degraded due to the absence of search and latex-symbol rendering (best way of addressing that one for my usecase would be texinfo backend to Documenter.jl, so it seems less actionable to me).

Eg the “Ecosystem” tab doesn’t work for me without JS. I agree that the rest of the website seems functional without JS though.

Why does the repository have to change? Is there any reason to not just keep the old one to keep the history, issues etc?