JuliaCN 2021 winter online meetup

I started to learn Julia three years ago when Julia 1.0 was released. In the past three years, using Julia and contributing to Julia immediately becomes one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had; I’ve learned a lot by contributing to JuliaImages, and I’ve met a lot new friends here.

Unlike the main Julia English community, Julia is far less recognizable among Chinese users. In the dark days, we used to download packages via proxies because of the Great Firewall, and since many people don’t have the expertise to work around it, we did have the difficulties before 2021. Now that we have mirror sites (e.g., BFSU) set up and also several official package servers in China, I believe there is no technical reason to not advertise Julia to more non-Julia users, especially when Julia itself becomes quite stable.

With this motivation, I’m happy to announce JuliaCN’s 2021 annual online meeting. We are planning to host this through live streaming on Bilibili from Dec 10 to Dec 12. A more detailed schedule will come later.

Now call for proposal is open, please fill in the form if you want to share your favorite part of Julia to others.

We believe by providing more basic-to-intermediate and intermediate-to-advanced tutorials, we can get more people to understand Julia and get addicted to Julia just as I did. Of course, just like JuliaCon, this can be a good opportunity to advertise your most recent work.


This is a great initiative, let me know if I can be of any help.


we did have the difficulties before 2021. Now that we have mirror sites . . .

I’m assuming that this will be in Mandarin. Any chance for a Cantonese channel?


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The main channel is organized in Mandarin. We do welcome Cantonese or English talks.

Here’s the schedule for the meetup.

Time: Dec 10-12 19:00-23:00 (UTC+8)

How to join: 1) bilibili live stream 2) Tencent meeting

We’re excited to invite @viralbshah to give a talk during 19:00-19:20 (UTC+8) on Dec 12. There will be a Q&A stage so if you have questions to ask please come!

Checkout the Chinese-version blog for more details