Julia doesn't start in Atom with Juno

Hi, I have installed Julia and Atom with Juno, but doesn’t work!
Atom says in Consolle “Press Enter to start Julia” but Julia don’t start like in a loop and the consolle doesn’t show other messagges. The path for the Julia binary is correct. What can be the problem?

Maybe one of these two will work under Julia -> Settings:

Uncheck “Enable Powershell Wrapper”


Under “Console Options” change from “REPL-based” to “Legacy”.

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This might also help.

Thanks, now Julia works!
The problem was in the console options and now that I have changed from REPL-based in Legacy it’s ok, only every time that I run a block of code the console write “Atom.JunoEditorInput x-> nothing”.

I just applied the solution in pfitzseb’s link. I guess McAfee antivirus was suppressing a particular .exe file.

Info and intructions from McAfee’s website

The path should be something like: C:\Users\you\.atom\packages\julia-client\node_modules\node-pty-prebuilt\build\Release\winpty-agent.exe

This solution seems better than what I had suggested earlier.