Julia 0.6.0 released

At long last, we can announce the final release of Julia 0.6.0! See the release notes for more details. Binaries are available from the usual place, and please report all issues to either the issue tracker or on discourse.

Many thanks to all the contributors, package authors, users and reporters of issues who helped us get here. We’ll be releasing regular bugfix backports from the 0.6.x line, while major feature work is ongoing on master for 0.7-DEV. Enjoy!


Yeah! Congrats and thanks to all the folks that made this happen!


Awesome, congrats too all who worked on this! A big step forward for Julia.


Just in time for JuliaCon! :grin:


To get back to work; what is now the (correct) pointer to the julia (0.6, but applies to all release) binary on AppVeyor?

Are there plans to fix this in the near future? I’m holding off upgrading (and suggesting my colleagues do the same) until I can be sure 0.6 won’t cause user data loss.

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@lobingera - https://julialang-s3.julialang.org/bin/winnt/x64/0.6/julia-0.6-latest-win64.exe for the latest 0.6 release, or https://julialang-s3.julialang.org/bin/winnt/x64/0.6/julia-0.6.0-win64.exe for a specific fixed version.

@JaredCrean2 that issue has been present for all of 0.5 as well. It’s not a regression. I did a bit of testing and narrowing down what was causing that issue, I’ve been meaning to write down the details I found in that issue.

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This is great!

Is there any plan to post an announcement to the julia-news list? It has not seen a release announcement since 0.5.0.

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Wasn’t planning on using julia-news again given all mailing list activity has moved to discourse.

I think julia-news deserves a final post, then, saying it is no longer used. But I also hope you reconsider: the audience that is interested in a release announcement is going to be much larger than the group of people that logs into discourse or views discourse updates regularly. As for me, I learned about the release announcement from the NumFocus newsletter (which, ironically, had already jumped the gun on the announcement once before).


You can get notifications about Julia releases by following the RSS feed for the announcements category: Announcements - JuliaLang

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@tkelman: Is there a table/list of binaries available? I’m missing the 32bit variants.

the links on the download page. or replace x64 with x86 and win64 with win32

i wasn’t aware of that. Is there a central place that documents the automatic testing via appveyor and travis? Should this be part of the developer documentation in the language manual?

Great news!! Thanks to all who made this possible.

Will the corresponding update of JuliaPro be also announced in this forum?

Congratulation to the new release! :tada:
I think Julia definitely deserves a better promotion. Why not including a “New Version 0.6 released” on the homepage, together with a summary of most important changes?
By the way: README.md still contains:
“most users should use the most recent stable version of Julia, which is currently the 0.5 series of releases.”

I would love to take a moment and appreciate the tireless work that Tony puts in for every Julia release, and managing our package ecosystem. Without Tony’s efforts, Julia would not have had the same level of quality and the package ecosystem would have certainly have been in a much worse state.

Thanks Tony. Onwards to 1.0!



I want to second what Viral said. There are several people without whom Julia would not either exist or be nearly as amazing as it is. But I really have a difficult time imagining what Julia would be like without Tony’s constant shepherding and attention to detail. Tony, I really admire your commitment to ensuring high quality code, making sure things work on all supported platforms, and your willingness to help track down and ensure solutions to even obscure bugs.


Now that I had some time to soak in the new version I would like to say that the step from 0.5 to 0.6 feels like an incredible leap forward to me as a passive witness. Thanks to everybody involved. I am sure this must have been a lot of hard work