Julia 0.6-alpha released, please update your projects



In case people missed the announcement in the 0.6 release timeline thread, Julia 0.6-alpha has been released:

0.6 alpha has been tagged and binaries are available. You can now use “0.6” on Travis, or “0.6-latest” on Appveyor, and it will use the most recently tagged pre-release or release candidate. We haven’t branched release-0.6 off of master yet though and probably won’t until we go through a beta and a few release candidates, whenever there are enough blocked feature PR’s to make it worth branching. So for now the nightlies will be more up-to-date with bug fixes but should be functionally equivalent. Please report anything that regresses between this alpha and nightlies.

Maintainers of projects and packages:

  • Please update your packages now and report any issues you encounter
  • Now is a good time to upgrade your projects too
    • if it works now, it should work in 0.6 final
    • if it doesn’t work, now is the time to report an issue so that we have a change to address it

There should be a 0.6-beta out in about a week or so, at which point it’s really time to upgrade.


0.6 nightlies?
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Is there a list of breaking changes or an upgrade guide somewhere?


NEWS.md on master. Though if it’s missing anything, do let us know so we can make it more complete.





Of course, the lazy way to find out what needs to change is to run your tests and do what the deprecations tell you. I believe there’s only one change that we couldn’t deprecate, which is that readline / eachline / readlines now chomps lines by default (i.e. removes the trailing newline). If you require the newline, you can use the chomp=false keyword argument.


Justo to understand correctly, I simply replace 0.5 by 0.6 in the travis file (and similarly “0.6-latest” instead of “0.5-latest”) ?

Or should I use both version and both will be tested?


Yes, either just 0.6 or

    - 0.5
    - 0.6