Julia 0.6.0 released

Let’s also give a special shout-out, welcome, and thanks to all of the NEW CONTRIBUTORS :birthday: :tada: to base during the 0.6 cycle – nearly 80 by my very rough calculation.

Author names from the commit log:

2Cubed, Kumar Krishna Agrawal, Kwadwo ‘Que’ Amankwa, Asmodeus, Nathan Baum, David J. C. Beach, Matthew Bedford, bramtayl, Kat Busch, Brett Cannon, Fabio Cardeal, Michael Cawte, colinfang, crobarcro, Kiaran B Dave, Benjamin Deonovic, duguxy, felix, Andy Ferris, Michael Fiano, garrettthomaskth, George, gpeairs, GregPlowman, Siddharth Gupta, Alex Hallam, Rory Hartong-Redden, Jane Herriman, iamnapo, Jeremy, JKrehl, Johan, George Joseph, justapoise, Andrew Keller, Ken-B, Jonas Klasen, Joseph Kleinhenz, Raj Krishnan, Christian Kurz, Randy Lai, Benoît Legat, lizz, LOAS2, Carlo Lucibello, m-j-w, Harsha Byadarahalli Mahesh, Sascha Mann, Kv Manohar, Marco, Daniel Matz, Mauro, Mohamed, Alexander Morley, Napoleon Oikonomou, Lyndon Ollar, Sebastian Pfitzner, Roman Poya, prasad-marne, Cameron Prybol, Viktor Qvarfordt, Rishikesh, Rory-Finnegan, Victhor Simões Sartório, Lokesh Sharma, akshay sharma, Wonseok Shin, Simon, Nathan Smith, strickek, thofma, traktofon, Ruohui Wang, Jan Weidner, Augustin Yiptong, ZacNugent, スノル


Generated using the following script to diff author lists from each release:


please forgive any omissions, duplications, or inadvertent inclusions – which might have happened if a git author name changed over time, because I don’t have a way to match against github username.


I cannot recreate this problem. You should double check your system path to make sure you are actually running the new 0.6 binary you just downloaded.

Sorry, my mistake.

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