Integrating Leaflet into Julia


I’m currently testing leaflet.js through the Python Folium package through Julia (that’s a lot of “through”). I find that the maps are really nice and I’m looking to use that framework into my package (ClimateTools.jl) to visualize climate spatial fields.

Now, into Jupyter, everything is working as expected. I would like however to use the framework with a more standard plotting use. The candidate I guess would be to use PlotlyJS package so that I could obtain standard plotting windows (as opposed to using the browser).

If anyone has an idea on how to use PlotlyJS with Python’s Folium so that I could plot local figures in their own figure windows, I’d be very grateful!

Thanks for any help.

Have you seen , e.g. ?

Yes, I actually found the package after I posted my question. Thanks!

Still, what I would like is to show the figure in his own window. I can’t get my head around plotting to a browser while analysis stuff. i know it’s trendy, but this workflow of browser plotting is just confusing to me! hehe