Interactive maps in Julia (folium equivalent)

What’s the closest thing we have that’s equivalent to folium in Python, i.e. a package that lets me take a set of lat/lon coordinates and plot them on an interactive map, including ideally the ability to have custom html popups on the lat/lon markers?

Here’s an example of what I’d like to do: Interactive maps — AutoGIS site documentation

You can always use folium; OpenStreetMapX_tutorial

In something like pluto, it’s trivial to just use leaflet, which gives you more power than folium, which is a wrapper around leaflet.

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Thats Leaflet showing the interactive map in your python example. I’m looking at reviving @yeesian 's LeafletJS package at some stage, Pull requests · yeesian/LeafletJS.jl · GitHub

But I probably wont be able to finish that PR for quite a while, but it might work for you needs already?


Another alternative is GMT.jl gmt2kml that as the name says produces a kml that you can load in GE, but I’ve not much experience with this so the wrapper may have some rough edges.

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You may also take a look at AFAIK, there is no native Julia support (so this is not a direct answer to your question), however, you can use it in Jupyter or even in VS Code and there is a lot to like about it.

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