Status of Plotly Availability / Development in Julia?

Hi Community,

I am quite new in Julia but I have already seen that Plotly does a great job in creating interactive plots.

But it seems that has a lot of dead links such as and in addition, a lot of features which are existing for Python like Mapbox Density Heatmap, are not available for Julia. On the other side, there are pages like but without to be linked within

Does one know, if such plotting feature as Mapbox Density Heatmaps will be available also for Julia within the next future or are there signs / hints, that plotly has no great future in combination with Julia?


It’s PlotlyJS.jl package, a Julia equivalent to, not Plotly.jl.

Almost all of plotly is written in Javascript, which means it generally has wide portability everywhere.

The various plotly language API wrappers just serialize data and the layout into JSON and then render it using the client (in browser) library which is written in JavaScript.


Ok, this means, that someone has to write further wrappers in order to use several plotly functions which are already available for instance in Python?

No, PlotlyJS.jl, a Julia package, provides all Plotly traces you can see on their site.

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I think everything from plotly.js is accessible from Julia.
The documentation albeit much improved in the last months is probably still not fully up to date with Python counterparts (at least for examples).

Once you learn the basic translation steps between Javascript plotly and Julia through PlotlyJS/PlotlyBase you can easily reproduce everything.

I suggest you have a look at the package documentation of PlotlyJS where the building blocks for representing plotly.js objects in Julia is explained


Check out this fantastic gallery: Not a question, but a 3D PlotlyJS gallery


I have seen it, that is really fantastic. I wished to get some further information how in this part

Animation: falling balls along F-gradient field lines, lifted to the surface (![$\dot{X}=\nabla F$]( was integrated with DifferentialEquations.jl, frames generated by PlotlyJS.jl, and animated with Plotly.jl).:

has been realized in more detail

Tomorrow I’ll give you some pointers.
Meanwhile I modified it , and this is the new version


Hello Dieter,
thank you very much for reporting the issues with Julia’s index pages.
Plotly documentation has been undergoing big changes recently, and what you found was an artifact of the update where the process of creating documentation in new languages was simplified. Everything is fixed now.

Regarding pages that are available in Python but missing from Julia documentation - Mapbox Density Heatmap for example, all of these are noted down and in the process of being/planned to be written.

Now that the indexes work, you can find Sankey Diagram in the “Basic Chart” section.

There are big plans for Plotly in Julia, better documentation and more beautiful plots will be implemented and added to the library for users to find and adapt to their needs! Moreover there is Julia Dash :slight_smile:


The latest docs are here Dash Documentation & User Guide | Plotly.

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Thanks Danton,

Yes, all subpages are accessible now and I am looking forward to see new types of diagrams and plots!
Great Job!