Plotly not plotting in browser

Hey guys,

I’ve been using Plotly now for a while but the Plots always open in the plots pane of Juno.
From what I’ve read this code should by default open a browser window or am I wrong?

using Plotly

data = [1,2,3,4]
fig = Plotly.plot(data)

I tried to follow the instructions here GitHub - plotly/Plotly.jl: A Julia interface to the plotting library and cloud services but it still opens in the plot pane. Any ideas of what I’m doing wrong?


Settings → Packages → Julia Client → Click on Settings

UI Options → Unset Enable Plot Pane

After this it opens an electron window to display the plot, not the browser.

Thanks for the advice!
But isn’t there a possibility to plot in the browser window, since python plotly normally opens one when i execute the plot command?


Didn’t found out, but maybe @sglyon can help