Install Uber-Juno fail

Hi, i can NOT install Uber-Juno via atom plugin, and have no idea of what going to do to fix it. Could someone give some help on it? Thanks!!! Please refer to below screen copy, thanks!

There seems to be a problem with your internet connection – did you try again a bit later?

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I had a similar failure, and my Internet connection was fine.

Now, I’d like to try again by installing a fresh uber-juno. How do I wipe any partial installs from before? I ask because when I try uninstall followed by install, it’s too quick and I don’t see how everything could have been installed properly.

Is there a post-install check? I.e., something that will insure all the packages/dependencies/etc. have been installed properly?

You can untick the Disable checkbox in the uber-juno settings and restart Juno.

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I think that worked. Some packages installed after following your instructions.

Hi! i also have a problem with installing uber-juno
can you plese help me???
thank you!!

Not without you giving some more info on what’s broken (your image link doesn’t work for me).