Issue with installing uber -juno

Hi. I am new to Julia. Earlier, my Atom and Julia were performing at sync. Suddenly, after some package updates, the problem started. It stopped showing REPL. To go back my initial state, I uninstalled Atom, Julia and also deleted the .atom and .julia folders. After installation of Julia and Atom, when I am trying to install uber -juno, it is showing the following error:
“Error: Installing “ink@0.9.0” failed.”

Any idea how to tackle this issue?

I am using Atom 1.28.2, Julia 0.6.2 and uber -juno 0.2.0. Note that I checked the internet connection, it was working perfectly.

Are you behind a proxy that might’ve changed recently?
And can you give me the output of typing apm install ink into a terminal?

Thanks for your reply. After installing and uninstalling couple of times, it is working fine now.