Installing "uber-juno@0.3.0" failed in atom

I can’t install the uber-juno package in atom.
A discussion in this forum suggested to disable windows firewall and defender. But even after disabling them, I get this error when i try to install uber-juno in atom:

npm ERR! code E500
npm ERR! 500 Internal Server Error - GET

And this is the complete log of the error:

Thank you in advance. I’m trying to install uber-juno because i’d like to work with julia in an environment with a workspace that is similar to matlab. Now I’m working in jupyter, but there’s no workspace there.

Juno has been in maintenance mode for a long time now, and there are probably hardly any Juno users left - is there a reason why you want to use Juno rather than VSCode + Julia extension (which is the successor to Juno)?

FWIW I just tried installing Juno and it failed with


which is a different error to yours I guess but suggests that maybe uber-juno just isn’t working anymore?

Looking at the issues tracker it appears that installation has been broken for quite a while:

People have been reporting installation issues for about a year now without any response, so it might be the end of the road for Juno :cry: