How to type a latex formula in editor Atom when using Julia?

Hi, I have a quick question as the following. I was wondering, how to type a latex formula like e^2 in a .jl file when using Atom? Any suggestions?

Use the latex-completions package (which should have been installed automatically if you followed the recommended installation instructions for Juno).

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could you be a bit more specific? because for now, when I type e^2 in the REPL or in the .jl file, it is e^2. but what I want is e^2.

You can type \euler<tab>\^2<tab>, both in the REPL and in Atom.

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Great. It works. One quick question though. Does \euler give the letter e ?

\euler gives the unicode char U+212f. You seem to have posted a regular cursive e.
Do note that Julia knows what to do with \euler though:

julia> ℯ
ℯ = 2.7182818284590...
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Great, great. I know what \euler is. Thank you a lot!