Autocompletion & tab complete no longer work after Atom Package update

Today Atom told me there where updates available to 3 packages, Julia_client, ink, and one other. I promply updated and after the restart Autocompletion is no longer working. If I hit tab where I previously got completion I now get spaces.

Working on OSX.

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See here – you’ll also need to update your Julia packages.

I uninstalled and reinstalled , Julia_client, language_julia, ink, and tool_bar. I am still having the same issue. Is the next step a total Atom reinstall?

I believe he meant doing ] up in Julia.

I have done that as well.

Had a similar problem. Mine was fixed by exiting, typing apm uninstall latex-completions and then apm install latex-completions


You hit the nail on the head thank you.

I thought I had things fixed but I am still having issues with the latest Juno build. Auto complete is just not working correctly. It seems like the problem is that the filtering of that autocomplete options is failing to do so, best illistrated by the photo below. I am trying to use DataFrame, and you can see the pattern is matching, but the filtering isn’t happening.

Now thinking it might be just the Julia code portion it appears that the Latex expansion isn’t matching either:

Does anyone have anythoughs on how to fix this?

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Before the previous post I had done a clean install of atom and Juno. The post was a reflection of having the same problem. I have just uninstalled and reinstalled latex-completion, and both cases are again working.

This is strange, does anyone have an idea what could cause the latex-completion fix to work for a while, then suddenly stop?

I have traced the issue to a directory specific problem. Will be submitting an issue on github.


Was there ever resolution on this? I am experiencing the same bug.


Also having this issue.

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Hey, this thread’s been quiet for a while, but with a recent update, LaTeX completions are no longer working in the editor in Juno, but they are working in the REPL in Juno. I’ve completely uninstalled Juno and all related packages (including latex-completions) from Atom and reinstalled it. I also ran ] update Atom and ] update Juno, but nothing’s changed.

Is anyone else having this issue? Any ideas?

Did you solve this issue in the end? I am also experiencing the same problem.

Are you on the latest version of julia-client and ink as well as Atom.jl? This most likely happens because of a version mismatch between the Atom and Julia packages that constitute Juno.

Thanks. I have the up-to-date packages on Atom and Julia. Actually, when TAB-to-unicode was working, I didn’t have Atom.jl or Juno.jl installed; neither did I install Juno on Atom. Back then I just had julia-client and latex-completions on Atom. Strangely, removing Atom.jl, Juno.jl, and Juno on Atom now doesn’t fix issue.

Sorry, what packages do you have installed and what problem are you running into? If you do have Juno installed, then please also paste the output of Juno’s debug info here:

I was about to post about the same issue. I updated to Julia 1.2.0 and autocompletion, Unicode completion and highlighting stopped working on the document panel. On the Julia side, I have:

     Atom v0.9.1
    Juno v0.7.2

On the Atom side, I have

And my OS is Manjaro Linux.
    julia-client 0.9.4
    ink 0.10.12
    indent-detective 0.4.0
    uber-juno 0.2.0

And my OS is Manjaro Linux.

As above,