Latex character display issue

Hey, I’m having issues with some Latex characters in the Julia Command line.
The tab completion of α, β, π etc. works fine, but \euler (ℯ) and \sinewave (∿) for example produce an empty square. Julia does understand them correctly, so it’s just a rendering error?
Did I misunderstand something fundamental here?

That’s likely just a limitation of your terminal and/or font — what terminal program are you using and on what OS?

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I’m on Windows 10. Not actually sure which terminal… I guess just cmd

Ah yup, there’s your problem. The builtin cmd leaves a bit to be desired. You can use other terminal apps to run Julia in — I don’t use Windows regularly so I’m not sure what’s the community favorite these days but you could check out the new “Windows Terminal” in the Windows store or mintty or cmder

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