How do I get Greek letters in Atom/Juno autocomplete? -- SOLVED

I’m not sure if this question belongs here or in an Atom forum. For the longest time I’ve been using Atom with most Juno packages and whenever I typed a Greek letter in LaTeX format, like \beta, the autocomplete tool would quickly give me the option to get the actual Greek letter β, as soon as I typed \b. Now, I honestly don’t know if this feature is a default of Atom or if it’s provided by one of the Julia or Juno packages, but in any case, I recently moved to a new computer and this autocomplete feature is gone. I have Googled a lot without success. I have tried poking at settings. I have tried installing some packages, but honestly I’m flying blind.

I’m sure that several peole here will know the autocomplete feature I’m talking about. Can anyone tell me how to get it back? I have a brand new Atom installation (v1.47.0).


Aha! I got it! Instead of deleting my post, I’m going to reply to myself with the solution so other people wil hopefully find the answer.

The package I needed was atom-latex-completions which is indeed part of JunoLab.