How to input latex characters into vscode?

I am using the Julia extension for VScode:

The autocompletion is very decent. But I dont know how to input latex characters? For example, I tried \alpha + TAB but it does not work.


You could copy-and-paste from the REPL. Or you could use Microsoft’s fabulous keyboard shortcuts, e.g. α is ALT+945, I think. Or someone could write a VS extension implementing LaTeX tab completion. (These are technically Unicode characters, not “LaTeX characters.”)

Of course, you also have to get Visual Studio to save files in the UTF-8 encoding of Unicode; I’m not sure whether the Julia extension does this for you?

But you’ll probably have a much easier time if you just use some other editor, e.g. Atom.

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@stevengj Atom is great. But right now the autocomplete of vscode in julia is better (IMHO).
Right now I am using both.

And it would be nice that in future just the IDE’s editor would not weight over > 700 Mb (Atom)

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A quick google turned up this, I didn’t test it:

@barche Thanks. But I have to say that the analogous atom extension is much easier to use:

Just type \alpha + TAB. Whereas in vscode you have to go to the command palette, find the “Insert Unicode …” command, and finally type \alpha.

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To be fair, that should be working in VS Code too. If no one in the vscode gitter can help you, you might need to wait for the next release or something.

Btw, I’d really be interested to know why you find the VSCode autocompletion better than Juno’s – would you mind elaborating on that?

For me, just using the standard julia vscode package: Julia - Visual Studio Marketplace makes unicode completions work perfectly.

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@kristoffer.carlsson What is your operating system? I am on Linux Mint 18