Convenience: Using git plugin while remote?

Juno + remote development works quite nice, but the Atom built-in git plugin doesn’t seem to pickup when I’m working in a git repo remotely. Is this an issue with Ftp-remote-edit? Juno? Does anyone know a work-around to use git/GitHub from within Atom without having to open a terminal and work from the command-line? Alternatives?

Is this an issue with Ftp-remote-edit?

Technically yes.

I don’t think there’s an Atom package that extends the git functionality for remote projects. VSCode’s integration should handle that case well though, I think – but there’s no Juno for VSCode (yet?).

You hit the nail on the head. Remote dev works brilliantly on VSCode, smooth git integration and all and the LanguageServer integration is super helpful for large projects…buttttt I like Juno’s basic features, debugging interface, etc (and personal preference of code blocks being sent through sockets instead of copy pasted to the REPL). Big conundrum :sweat_smile: