Manual port forwarding to use REPL

I am presently trying to use Atom editor to connect to a remote desktop server. I used the instructions from the link I was successfully able to use ftp-remote-edit to remotely edit codes in the server machine (covered in Basic setup section). When I tried to do the same for REPL in my Atom editor (covered in Manual port forwarding section), I am unable to get any output. The REPL process keeps on going as shown in the figure.

Can anyone help?
I am using Atom editor in Windows 10 to connect to Julia in Ubuntu 16.04.

Hello @SambitMishra98 I have Windows 10 and Ubuntu VMs available and the Atom editor.
However I am a bit busy atht ht emoment… will try when I have a bit of time

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Why do you need to use manual port forwarding instead of the automatic setup Juno provides for you?


I didn’t get you. What do you mean by ‘automatic setup’?
I have a desktop server in the office which has 20 cores and a GPU. While I code in Julia, I check if each of the lines work using REPL. For example, I want to run the codes given in this way.

Just follow the instructions at instead of those at


Yes, I did that. I was able to connect to the remote server for editing the files only. As you can see in the image below, I am connected to the i9quadro desktop server and am able to run the programs using Julia in the terminal below. I am however not able to run individual lines of code this way by pressing Ctrl+Enter. Based on the tutorial, this is possible if I do the manual port forwarding. Am I missing something trivial here?

Did you make sure to start the remote REPL as instructed? It should open a REPL @ i9quadro tab.

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Yea I followed the instructions blindly, and it didn’t work. I then tried to read up on each of the instructions and couldn’t get anywhere. Based on the screenshots in the link I realised I am supposed to get a REPL @ i9quadro tab, but I couldn’t get it.

What happens when you execute the Start Remote Julia Process command (either from the command pane or the toolbar)?

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I probably did not realise that it was working and had skipped that :sob:

Thanks a lot @pfitzseb !!!

Great, glad it’s working for you :slight_smile: