How to execute Juno after opening Atom?


I am on windows. Following the instructions on I have installed Julia 1.0, Atom and the package uber-juno.
How can I use the IDE though? When I open Atom I don’t see the plots pane, I don’t see the console pane, I don’t see anything.

According to the documentation ( I just need to use Ctrl-J or go to Packages > Julia > Open Console.
But the first does nothing and I don’t see Julia under Packages.

What should I do?


It sounds like you may not have successfully installed Uber-Juno package. Are you sure that it shows up in your installed list of packages on Atom? In addition to being able to find Julia in packages, there should also be a Julia drop-down menu between view and selection. (At least there is for me.)


Yeah, check that you have the newest versions of the julia-client and ink packages installed.