How to execute Juno after opening Atom?

I am on windows. Following the instructions on I have installed Julia 1.0, Atom and the package uber-juno.
How can I use the IDE though? When I open Atom I don’t see the plots pane, I don’t see the console pane, I don’t see anything.

According to the documentation ( I just need to use Ctrl-J or go to Packages > Julia > Open Console.
But the first does nothing and I don’t see Julia under Packages.

What should I do?

It sounds like you may not have successfully installed Uber-Juno package. Are you sure that it shows up in your installed list of packages on Atom? In addition to being able to find Julia in packages, there should also be a Julia drop-down menu between view and selection. (At least there is for me.)

Yeah, check that you have the newest versions of the julia-client and ink packages installed.


I’m facing the same issue. I already reinstalled the packages and can’t launch the IDE. The only time it was properly launched was when I first installed the packages.

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What does that mean? Do you have a toolbar on the left where you e.g. click the Show Console button or do you have the Julia context menu entry?

No. Atom is as I first installed it. Just like the OP, there’s no Julia under Packages tab. The Plots tab doesn’t appear neither the REPL section nor the Run/Debug/Stop buttons on the left as it was supposed to be.

Can you go to Settings > Packages and check that you have the latest versions of ink and julia-client installed? Also click on the Settings button for both packages – if you don’t see lots of configuration options there something is wrong.

It shows me Terminal Color and Keybidings under options for Ink. And for Julia-client there’s the path for julia, which is correct, and UI Options checkboxes for menu and toolbar, all of them already selected.

Just in case:

  1. Did you try restarting Atom?
  2. What happens if you open the command palette (with Cmd/Ctrl-Shift-P) and type in Open Console or Julia Client? Do you get any results? Do they work?

If that doesn’t help, can you open the Atom dev tools with Ctrl-Shift-I or Cmd-Shift-I and give me any errors you might see in the Console tab?

I had the same problem (no sign of Julia in the context menus, no REPL, no console on the LHS). Following @pfitzseb’s advice to reinstall Julia Client worked for me. Before reinstalling the Julia Client, it just had a couple of items in the options and now it has a lot. It persists after restarting Atom as well, so hopefully it’s resolved.


I had the same problem, and the solution for myself was simple.

Problem: all of the required packages are installed - I’ve got ink, julia client, uber-juno, language-julia, but Juno isn’t available under Packages, no REPL, etc.

Solution: update the required packages. Packages - Settings View - Open - Packages. Click on each package to update. Once the update has been done, restart Atom following the prompt.

I am on Windows 10 and Julia 1.4 and I have the same problem with Atom: I can’t see Julia console and the standard layout. It only recognizes Julia code.
I have installed uber-juno but I can’t see the standard Julia layout. I can not setup julia-client and not even uninstall it.
I have recently upgrade from Julia 1.3 but I can not setup the new path in Atom. I have reinstalled Atom a lot of times but I can’t get rid of the packages.

Try the steps outlined in our docs.

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Thank you. Now it works fine: I got the standard layout.