Julia console within Atom


Hi, I have just installed Julia with Atom. I am following the installation instructions at


In the section entitled Installing the Atom-Julia Interaction it asks to open the console via Packages > Julia > Open Console. I can’t find this reference anywhere. I have looked:

  1. in the top menu i.e. where it has File, Edit, View, Selection, Find, Packages, Help. In the Packages menu there is no Julia
  2. In Settings > Packages there is no Julia, there is only a language-julia. When I click on language-julia there is no Open Console option anywhere on that page.

I wish they would just show a screenshot of what they are referencing. It would make things easier.

Any help most welcome.


Here is what it should look like:

And make sure you also installed “julia-client”, not only “language-julia”.


Thanks for that. That was very helpful. So the actual installation instructions are a little misleading as they really only say to install 1) julia.exe; 2) atom; and 3) uber-juno package in atom.
Thanks again


No, all of those extra packages are automatically installed via Uber Juno