Atom as IDE for Julia

Hi all,

I was trying to use Atom as IDE for Julia, but somehow the console shown in the following picture is not what I expected. I have installed package ink, Julia-client, language-julia, and uber-juno. I am sure they are in the newest version. Does anyone know what causes this problem?

I think that is the new console.

That’s what the console looks like in Atom for me. The look has recently changed. Is the console not working for you?

Thanks for the reply, this is what I expect for the console from Atom version 1.19.3:

So there is no the row of functional keys in the Atom version 1.23.3? By the way, the console is indeed working, and I am just confused by the appearance.

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I have the sample question. And I definitely prefer the one before.

Btw, another dumb question. when the julia codes are running, I remember there is a spinning gear. And at the bottom the processing bar is also moving. But now the gear still appears but it is still. So is the processing bar. So it looks like it got stuck even though it is still working. I dont know if you have the same problem or it is something wrong. Thanks very much! :sweat_smile:

There was a change from that console to a more standard Julia repl. I believe this was done for speed related reasons and the like. see [ANN] Juno 0.6.7 - #77 by PetrKryslUCSD

Is the REPL really barebones in comparison? The way I remember it, the Juno console was way more barebones, and lacked a lot of the features in the REPL. This is admittedly some time ago, but I don’t even think there was syntax highlighting, and the command history and tab completion fell short of the REPL.

In case my impression is out of date: what console features are missing in the REPL?

Oh sorry, that’s not what I meant with barebones, I just meant more directly like the normal Julia repl!

Those keys are the debugging tool menu, right? As I understand it, they have now moved to the editor pane, where they belong.

On the plus side, speed has massively improved and I haven’t experienced speed related issues in a while with Juno (though it is surprising that spinning a wheel should cause such large performance issues).

Menu: Julia > Settings… > Section: Julia Options > Console Style = Legacy (/ REPL-based) + Restart.
Next e.g. press icon Show Console (Cmd+J Cmd+O)…

After installing the update in Atom, the window popped up and You accepted a console change.