Hosting interactive pluto notebook on web/Github

Borrowed it from @Paul_Schrimpf’s instructions above, but I haven’t yet seen it documented anywhere.

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Also worked for me.
Thank you @Paul_Schrimpf

Hello!! This is something we’re still working on!

@roualdes have you seen if the PlutoSliderServer also helps you? GitHub - JuliaPluto/PlutoSliderServer.jl: Web server to run just the @bind parts of a Pluto.jl notebook !! (-- see fon’s talk about it → PlutoSliderServer.jl -- notebooks as interactive websites | Fons van der Plas | PlutoCon 2021 - YouTube)

With that piece of software you can have 3 levels of interactivity:

  • static html exports
  • static exports, but sliders work
  • static export, but sliders work and also binder button

That way, your users will be looking at a static preview while waiting binder to startup!
as lungben said, that’s already used in the computational thinking course :slight_smile:

Let us know if you use it and have feedback or if you need help/instructions, because we really want to create something simple for people to use!!



Hi @pankgeorg, thanks for the comment. I have seen PlutoSliderServer and even attended Fons’ talk live! It looks really nice, but I’m still not sure how to set it all up. Instructions to come, as far as I can tell; the readme instructions section say TBA. Happy to help test some instructions, once you have a rough draft :slight_smile: Just let me know.

In general, I’m pretty happy with my current set up. There’s a one time build cost of about 15 minutes (a GitHub Action), and then I think the load time is about 3 minutes whether or not Binder can find a built image. Though I haven’t double checked the times when no built image can be found since Binder has so politely cached my notebooks now for a few days. It would be nice if this custom setup could be coupled with PlutoSliderServer.


Cool. You’re right, I figured you’re pretty advanced from your config, indeed though we need to align some stuff before ‘launching’. Can I ping you when we have a more streamlined approach, so you can help with testing/suggesting how we make it even bettter for all? :smiley:

Thank you!!


Please do!

What would be really awesome is getting full Julia interactivity on a static page using a web assembly version of Julia, like Starboard does with Python using Pyodide


Thank you for putting this guide together, I’ve gotten as far as getting my own Pluto notebook uploaded and running, but I get an exception when some of the code starts to run. Hopefully this link works but if anyone has any idea why it’s not working I’d be grateful for the help. In particular the first error that shows up is Distributed.ProcessExitedException(2)

I think this is related to Pluto not working with the Distributed package, nothing to do with interactivity.

I tried using but I currently get a 503 error - is this just me, or is anyone else having issues? Or are there are now easier ways of deploying an interactive Pluto notebook? @fonsp