Easiest way to deploy a Pluto notebook for others to play around with?

Hello everyone!

I have created a Pluto notebook, which I would like to make publicly available so that people can use it and check it out. It seems that the easiest way would be to use Pluto on Binder, but I had difficulties with this (see this issue).

Anyone (@fonsp ?) have any other suggestions? The last thread I could find on the subject is quite old, hence why I’ve started a new one.

See the question and response on github: File is not a Pluto.jl notebook error · Issue #19 · fonsp/pluto-on-binder · GitHub

An alternative is

This is suited for more traffic, but requires a machine (VM, Docker container) to run the server.

Thanks for the response! Can’t believe I was that stupid, now it finally works :slight_smile:

Although it seems to be a bit unstable / dependent on who else is using binder, so in the future I might try another solution (e.g. the PlutoSliderServer).