High-level package for Pluto interactivity?

Is there any library that eases the implementation of interactive pluto notebooks?

Pluto allows creation of HTML and javascript elements to add interactivity, but are there any packages that allow somebody not versed in web-languages to do the same?

Background: I’m teaching some kids how to code in Julia, and they’re all quite new to programming. They know the basics of python, and I’ve been leveraging that to help them get base concepts down. But my students are quite frankly somewhat scared of HTML, so I’m hoping to first show them the reason they should give HTML a shot, and then show them how easy it actually is. But I’m afraid if I do it the other way round, they’ll be glib about it, and never appreciate the messiness of web-languages.
Thus I ask if there are any packages I can teach them to use, get them to enjoy interactivity, and then then provide them a proper induction.

Thank You

I think this is the use case for PlutoUI.jl.