Hosting pluto notebooks online - 2024

this has been asked several times before, but the information seems out-of-date. I would like to run some small pluto notebooks that can be run interactively online without the person viewing it needing to install Julia.

it seems like this used to be possible with but this site no longer exists (May 2024). There is also PlutoSliderServer, but this seems to require running one’s own server separately. I had hoped that there might be some solution along the lines of Github pages for websites, perhaps.

Is there any current way to share interactive pluto notebooks just using Github (or similar service, I also have access to a regular Gitlab account and a self-hosted Gitlab server)?

By interactive, can these be pre-cached data? Depending on what you are looking for, you might look into the following:

It seems to work for me.

You can use Codespaces: in the terminal, start the notebook and then in the “ports” tab forward the port used by the Pluto server (1234 by default).

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The following GitHub action allows you to export a Pluto notebook as a static HTML page, but it has a working link to Binder (although said Binder takes a while to launch):