Heckle a Julia Developer! Featuring Kiran Pamnany, Relational-AI! Cambridge Julia User's Meetup

Last week’s CAJUN event was a smash hit so we’ll be running another one of this series! This week it will be hosted by Julia Computing at the Spaces office in Davis Square. We will have a quick “heckle session”, i.e. a developer of Julia’s core and or packages will talk a bit about what he’s been doing in a free-flowing conversation with questions streaming in from the audience. Then we will have some pizza and chat.

This week’s heckle victim is a special guest, Kiran Pamnany! Kiran has been involved with Julia development since 2014, specifically multi-threading. He’s been writing code for over 30 years in many areas ranging from embedded systems to microprocessor simulation. His particular interests are parallelism, programming languages, computer architecture and supercomputing. Kiran is also a proud father of three and an avid sailor.

Come ready with questions, or just come to eat the pizza!