Any SF Bay Area Julia contributors?


I am new to the Julia community and love the language. I have been a R developer for 7 years and am very interested in contributing to Julia. Are there any other Julia contributors in the bay area who would like to hack together or organize a meetup?

I found this group on meetup, although it seems to be inactive


It would be great if the user group could get revived in some way. I don’t have to capacity to take the lead, but I could try to help organize say a room on Berkeley campus for a meeting and things like that.


Just FYI, I want to give a shoutout to @juliohm’s “Where are the Julians?” site: - he’s geolocated a bunch of users. (If you’re not on the map and want to be, there are instructions.)


Thanks for the link @sbromberger :slight_smile: I am definitely willing to meet other Julia folks in the bay, the meetups seem a good way to keep it going.


The organizers of the meetup said they are going to try revive it in August :slight_smile:


That’s great news! I’ll be in the Bay Area until late August, hoping to be able to make it!


We’ll have an event on Thurs Oct 12 in Santa Clara; see the link [1] below. Here’s the first paragraph of the lede: “We’re very happy to have Zach Sunberg from the Stanford Intelligent Systems Lab (SISL) speak to us on partially observable Markov decision processes in Julia. Before Zach’s talk, we will have an introduction to boxed variables and how to get around them from Vishal Kasliwal. Finally, we will briefly review the roadmap to Julia 1.0.”

Please let me know if you’d like to talk, have a venue to suggest, or otherwise help. Please share this event in your network, for example by retweeting [2].



The link is a 404 for me. It now seems to be