Julia Meetup Copenhagen

We are now finally ready to announce the details for the first Julia Meetup Copenhagen 2022! This is happening May 2nd.
Please remember to sign up here.

The program for this first edition will be as follows:
18.30 - 19.00 Doors open
19.00 - 19.05 Welcome
19.05 - 19.45 Chris Rackauckas (MIT CSAIL, Pumas-AI & Julia Computing)
19.45 - 20.00 Pause
20.00 - 20.15 Jakob Nybo Nissen (University of Copenhagen)
20.15 - 20.30 Sakse Dalum (Hafnium Labs)
20.30 - 20.45 Niels Lykke Sørensen (PFA Pension)
21:00 - Local Pub (Søernes Ølbar)

Chris Rackauckas will be the keynote speaker of the night. He is world famous in the Julia community for his work on Scientific Machine Learning (SciML) which bridges the gap between differential equations and machine learning. Furthermore, he is Co-PI of the Julia Lab at MIT and director at both Julia Computing and Pumas-AI. The title of the talk will be Accurate and Efficient Physics-Informed Learning Through Differentiable Simulation.

After the keynote, we will have three shorter lightning talks. The first one will be given by Jakob Nybo Nissen who is Assistant Professor at University of Copenhagen. He will introduce us to bioinformatics and explain why Julia is great at tackling the challenges in the field.

Afterwards we will hear from Sakse Dalum who is Scientific Software Developer at Hafnium Labs who will present and give a brief overview of Monolith.jl, a server and ZMQ-powered protocol for communicating asynchronously with one or more Julia processes from external languages (including, Python, Excel, C#, and C++).

Lastly, Niels Lykke Sørensen, Quant at PFA Pension, will be talking about lessons learned doing adjoint algorithmic differentiation and Julia’s potential for finance.

The meetup takes place in the historic Auditorium A at the Niels Bohr Institute, Blegdamsvej 17, 2100 København Ø. Coffee/tea and cookies will be served and beers can be bought.

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Thanks for setting this up.
Looking forward to attending.

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Is Chris in Copenhagen or will he give the talk remote?

I believe local. @ChrisRackauckas ?

I’ll be in Copenhagen for the day. This is on my way to a cancer immunotherapy workshop I’m helping organize in Lund:

You have to fly to Copenhagen and take the train over the bridge, so when I caught wind this was being organized I mentioned I could stop by. The talk I’ll give will actually be a little different, a new form of automatic differentiation, but I’ll wait to be there to reveal it :wink:.


For anyone else wondering, this is May 2nd.

(As a citizen of Lund this conversation was a thrill)

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I had assumed that it’s virtual, but this is amazing :slight_smile: looking forward to it!

Awesome. Looking forward to meeting you.

I encourage everyone to double check their registration with meetup, we’ve been a few people who thought we had successfully registered our attendance but had somehow failed to go through all the steps.

Looking forward to meeting as many as you as possible tonight at the Julia meetup! :tada:

Thanks for bringing this issue up, @baggepinnen!
@MikkelPaltorp and I are trying to accept members into the meetup group as quickly as possible.
Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to do help.

I heard as similar thing from a colleague. Hence why I wrote out this morning asking people to remember to sign up. Maybe I should’ve been more clear in the message and asked people to check if they got signed up.

There was apparently a form to fill out before signing up. That might have caused the issue. I’ve disabled that form for now.

There are still 10 spots open, so I hope we can fit everyone - also the ones who thought they had signed up.

@MikkelPaltorp and I want to thank everyone for joining our meetup yesterday!
It was a blast and we cannot wait to see you all again next time.
Once again, a big thanks to our speakers @jakobnissen and @Evey, and of course also @ChrisRackauckas!


It was a blast! Thanks again for organizing such a successful event! Repeat please!


Indeed it was a great event. Many thanks for hosting it! We’d be happy to host an event in the future at Desupervised if that is of interest. Thanks to the hosts and the speakers. :muscle:t2:


Thanks a lot. We are definitely going to organise future Julia meetups!

We are already talking about the format of the next meetup but I think that it would be great to let different companies host future events.


I think both Christian and I got a little overwhelmed by how many people showed up. But this really just highlights how the language is spreading :partying_face:

Also if you all did not know, then there is the #danmark slack channel (no worries, we will also let the Swedes in :denmark: :heart: :sweden: ). While not super active, it could be a good place for even more informal discussions.