Generating plots in Documenter.jl

In my Microbiome package, I’ve got some places where plots are generated in the documentation, and then I’d like to show it below the code block, eg here

(note: I wasn’t sure how to get tripple backticks to format here - so I just used 2)

``@repl 2
using StatPlots

srand(1) # hide
abund = abundancetable(
    rand(100, 10),
    ["sample_$x" for x in 1:10],
    ["feature_$x" for x in 1:100]);

dm = getdm(abund, BrayCurtis());
p = pcoa(dm, correct_neg=true);

plot(p, title="Random PCoA")
savefig("pcoplot.png"); nothing # hide

![pcoa plot](pcoplot.png)

The images are generated in the same folder as the docs, and I referenced them trying to follow the examples here, only using @repl instead of @example. When I build locally, the images are generated as expected and I see them when I navigate to the folder in my browser:

But when they’re deployed, they’re not there

I’m guessing this has something to do with the deployment to the website, but I’m out of ideas on how to fix. Any help would be appreciated. cc @Ward9250 @bicycle1885

I can see them online. Maybe its your browser settings?

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Oh man, I just had to clear my browser cache :grimacing: :… That’s embarrassing.

Thanks for checking, and sorry for the noise

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