No figures generated after deploying with Documenter

I am working on the documentation of an unregistered package (GitHub - NumSoftware/Amaru.jl at gh-pages).
I have several examples in the markdown that generate figures using PyPlot. Then I deploy using Actions.
On the Github page, the text content is just fine but there are no figures.
I tried saving the figures in svg and png formats but no figure files appear in the gh-pages branch after deploying.
Is it something related to PyPlot?
I have no idea where the Github Actions log file is placed.
Any help is appreciated.

I think you are running into this: Displaying images via raw html is broken for hosted but not local docs · Issue #921 · JuliaDocs/Documenter.jl · GitHub

Couldn’t you let the images be rendered directly by the at-example block (i.e. having the plot object be the last thing in the at-example block)?

@mortenpi, thanks for your comment.

The figures are generated locally as well as other files with no problems.
All files appear in the gh-pages branch except the figures.

I’ll try to render the images at the end of the @example blocks.
I started to suspect that PyPlot dependencies may not be fulfilled in the remote host.

I tried that, It did not work.
Checking the Luxor.jl and ControlSystems.jl packages, they use different approaches to get the figures in the gh-pages branch and rendered in the final HTML. Luxor.jl uploads the figures directly to the assets/figures folder and ControlSystem runs all examples as doctests and apparently, the figures go to the gh-pages branch.

I am wondering why @example does not save figure files.

Sorry, I think my initial guess was wrong. I think you simply do not have matplotlib available on CI, and so it’s failing to generate the PNGs?

And #921 would not affect you I think – we resolve those paths if I remember correctly (it’s only an issue if you use at-raw blocks).

Thanks a lot for pointing this. I Fixed CI.yml to include Python dependencies. Now, the figures are rendered alright.