Figures not showing after depolyment with Documenter

When I deploy my documentation locally I’m able to get figures appearing in my examples. However when I deploy it on GitLab it does not (see here).

I have spent a lot of time just getting the documentation to deploy (lots of issues with GR for some reason), so am reluctant to spend more time on this. Any help?

Did you try setting export GKSwstype=nul in your build script ?

You can maybe get inspiration from PlotDocs.jl/ at master · JuliaPlots/PlotDocs.jl · GitHub,

Are the plots command enclosed in a @example triple-backticked blocks ?

There are a bunch of errors in the build logs: pages (#480579) · Jobs · KU Leuven Energy Systems Integration and Modeling group / RepresentativePeriodsFinder.jl · GitLab . Probably something went wrong before you got to the code producing the plot.

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Ah yes, you’re quite right. I think this is due to using the latest julia version, will change that.

Thanks for the quick reply and pointing out the bleeding obvious which I couldn’t see myself!