How to use .png files with Documenter.jl

I wrote a package and added documentation using Documenter.jl , see: Home · KitePodSimulator.jl

This works all fine, but the .png image that I embedded in the file does not show up on the internet, it does show up locally.

I embedded it using the code:

![Step Response](step_response.png "Title")

The file exists in the same directory as the file:

When generating the documentation locally I get the message:

[ Info: HTMLWriter: rendering HTML pages.
┌ Warning: invalid local image: unresolved path in
│   link = "step_response.png \"Title\""
└ @ Documenter.Writers.HTMLWriter ~/.julia/packages/Documenter/qdbx6/src/Writers/HTMLWriter.jl:2096

How can I fix this issue?

Found the issue myself. I had to replace:

![Step Response](step_response.png "Title")


![Step Response](step_response.png)

Now it works! :slight_smile: