Enabling X11 forwarding for remote process in Juno?

Is it possible to enable X11 forwarding in Juno? Currently, there seems no option for it in settings. I wonder is it a quick change to add this option. Probably not very difficult for Linux?

My use case is that my code uses ImageView. And I want to run it remotely. I tested it works when using ssh with -X in a terminal, but crashes when running in Juno. It would be great if Juno exposes such an option.

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This is not an answer to your question, but you can try to run remote julia on local Atom/Juno. You can install ftp-remote-edit in Atom, then configure your remote server and you can run remote Julia on your local Atom/Juno. I have been using this way with my VPS server and it seems to work faster and more stable than ssh/X-forwarding.

There’s an open feature request for this – so yes, it should definitely be possible but I haven’t looked into it much.

Thanks for the reply. I think this is what I am using. Works great for me too, just lack of GUI forwarding

I see. Kindly request this feature as well :grinning: