Juno docs for remote Julia process


Is there a document to explain how to use the new remote functionality from Juno?

For example, if I can connect to a computer like ssh lastname@server.com which has Julia installed, can I use this remote computer?

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Did you take a look a the most recent docs?

In short: Yes, you can do that, but you need to use the ftp-remote-edit’s server config – we don’t support authentication with an ssh agent yet (but do have ssh forwarding enabled, in case that’s important for you). There are no requirements for the server except for having a running ssh daemon and a Julia installation at the path you can set in the julia-client settings.

Oh sorry, I missed it!

It works very well… It would be good if we could set up the path to julia like in julia-client

You can (but not yet on a per-server basis):

Where do you get this window?

Scroll down all the way in the julia-client settings :slight_smile:

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