Problems with Remote Julia Process

Hi! I’ve got some problems getting a remote Julia process to run via Juno. What I’m doing is:

  • Start Atom
  • Click on “Start Remote Julia Process” in toolbar
  • Click on “Toggle Remote Tree View”
  • Enter the password that I set earlier
  • I see the server can can browse the folders (So I guess my server config is correct?)
  • With server selected in remote tree view I click on “Start Remote Julia Process” again
  • Window pops up:
Juno requests access to your server configuration to open a terminal.
Decline this message if you did not initiate a request to share your server configuration with a pacakge!
  • Click on “Accept”
  • Nothing happens

The REPL pane stays blank. Not even a “Press enter to start a new Julia process”. If I open a file on the server and try to execute code nothing happens either.

What I can do though:

  • Start Atom
  • Click on “Start Remote Julia Process” --> “Toggle Remote Tree View” (I have no idea how to toggle it without doing this)
  • Enter Password
  • Open a “New Remote Terminal”
  • Click on “Accept” when the message pops up
    (At this point the REPL pane shows
Press Enter to start Julia. 

Julia has exited.
Press Enter to start a new session.

Julia has exited.
Press Enter to start a new session.

… don’t know if this matters)

In the remote terminal I can do

tmux new -t test

and start a julia process by running


Plotting doesn’t work (I’m not sure if it supposed to work other than with UnicodePlots) and throws this error:

Error showing value of type Plots.Plot{Plots.PlotlyJSBackend}:                                                              
ERROR: IOError: connect: connection refused (ECONNREFUSED) 

Would there be benefits by getting the remote Julia process to run? Would I maybe be able run code from a file that I opened like with a local Julia process?