Docstrings and triple-quoted strings in Atom/Juno

I am often using “shift-enter” to read parts of a source file to the REPL. For example:

A very helpful function giving 12
f() = 12

When I do so the following happens:

I actually do not need to have the doctoring itself available in the REPL’s help> mode. Apart from the inconvenience of pressing shift-enter at least 3 time, I am more worried about executing some code which is in the docstring itself. I tend to “circumvent” this issue by not documenting my code.

Probably related is a more general issue about triple-quoted strings, e.g. when using RCall

using RCall



The sigle quoted syntax is understood by the REPL, the triple quoted not.

The solution is to highlight the entire block of code and then press shift+enter.

Ok - this would be a work-around. Still a bit inconvenient because one would have to first select some code and then send it to the REPL.

However, for loops, function definition etc. are also identified as such a send in to the REPL in one go. Couldn’t this behavior also adapted to triple quoted strings?