Text disappearing from Juno/Atom

Hi everyone,

Quite strange error occurring for me since I upgraded julia-client 0.12.6.

Bits of text disappear from the screen after I use shift + enter to run highlighted code blocks… sometimes. The actual REPL seems to be running the code blocks absolutely fine, and the problem resolves if I just move the file tab to another sub-window.

But its a bit weird, and I can’t find the precise trigger for the bug.

current versions:
Julia 1.5.2
Atom v0.12.30
Juno v0.8.4
Atom app 1.54.0
julia-client 0.12.6
ink 0.12.5
language-julia 0.21.0

PS I’m on a Mac running OSX 10.15.7

Since a few months I get the same kind of bug. Julia version is 1.5.2, my packages are always up-to-date, and my OS is Ubuntu 20.04.

I am having the same. It happens when I click on the arrow that appears when I define an array (it shows the array elements)

I think switching to VS Code is the recommended strategy.

I have basically swapped to VS Code. But there are still advantages to Juno.

Main advantage being that Juno seems to interact with the REPL in a more dynamic way (the details are above my understanding!), so it offers automatic intellisense for column/field names for (say) dataframe objects, NamedTuples etc. So I still use Juno/Atom for when I’m doing data exploration.