Text disappearing from Juno/Atom

Hi everyone,

Quite strange error occurring for me since I upgraded julia-client 0.12.6.

Bits of text disappear from the screen after I use shift + enter to run highlighted code blocks… sometimes. The actual REPL seems to be running the code blocks absolutely fine, and the problem resolves if I just move the file tab to another sub-window.

But its a bit weird, and I can’t find the precise trigger for the bug.

current versions:
Julia 1.5.2
Atom v0.12.30
Juno v0.8.4
Atom app 1.54.0
julia-client 0.12.6
ink 0.12.5
language-julia 0.21.0

PS I’m on a Mac running OSX 10.15.7

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Since a few months I get the same kind of bug. Julia version is 1.5.2, my packages are always up-to-date, and my OS is Ubuntu 20.04.

I am having the same. It happens when I click on the arrow that appears when I define an array (it shows the array elements)


I think switching to VS Code is the recommended strategy.

I have basically swapped to VS Code. But there are still advantages to Juno.

Main advantage being that Juno seems to interact with the REPL in a more dynamic way (the details are above my understanding!), so it offers automatic intellisense for column/field names for (say) dataframe objects, NamedTuples etc. So I still use Juno/Atom for when I’m doing data exploration.

I have the same issue too, again triggers when a drop down arrow is clicked for an object. Closing and reopening the file fixes the issue, although I can consistently recreate it by clicking the drop down of the same object again.

Julia 1.5.3
Atom 1.54.0
julia-client 0.12.6
ink 0.12.5

Some months back I got some text disappearing in the REPL in Juno, and also recently something similar in VS Code. I now believe it might be related to RAM running out (and the same component of both IDEs). I can’t be sure, nor that your is the same issue, but can you show a screenshot? I could track mine down from the bug reports.

Here are some screenshots. 1) script for loading some data… this is fine
Image 10-03-2021 at 14.02

  1. After creating a (fairly large) array and doing some plotting (plotlyjs backend) text from the browser pane disappears.

  2. Scroll down a bit, some reappears, some disappears.
    Image 10-03-2021 at 14.07

For clarity: This has only effected the browser/text editor pane in Juno for me. The REPL console has never had a problem.

RAM running out seems plausible, but I don’t know why that would have started (fairly) recently when I’ve been using Julia 1.5.2 with Juno/Atom for a while on the same machine?

Sometimes as I scroll I can see bits of text at the top pop up then disappear as Sam described. Other times everything disappears, as shown below

Below was caused by clicking the drop down for a 3 element vector.

  1. Before clicking the drop down

  2. After clicking the dropdown

Any update on this?

Funny you should ask… Literally just now I realised that for me at least the issue is solved simply by changing the Julia UI option for Results display mode from “Display results under code” to “Float results next to code”.


It doesn’t look the like the corruption I saw in the lower REPL pane only (but who knows might be the same cause):

I didn’t think of memory running out as a possibility at the time, only later for VS Code when I had some issue in the REPL/terminal there. If you see any issue look at (in Linux) /var/log/syslog file to see if memory ran out (OOM).