why shift + enter ( return key ) does not work in atom for windows


before, i use shift + enter and the program run the line … now, shift + enter = enter, nothing change …

can you help me ? i use windows …

this problems is because i run update for julia and atom

I’m assuming you’re using Juno - what versions of Julia, Juno, and the atom packages are you using?

Does Ctrl+Enter work are you not able to run any code? Do you have a working REPL within Atom?

There is a known issue whereby the julia-client package update fails if a REPL was running during the update, in which case you can simply reinstall the package in the Atom package manager and should be fine.

Maybe this is obvious to everyone else…it wasn’t to me…the “run block” with shift+enter only works if the file has the extension jl . That’s not true for hitting the “lightning” button which works regardless of the file name


thank you!

you just saved a life sir :slight_smile: thank you sooooo much

REPL is working for me, and I can run a block using SHIFT+ENTER.

I want to use ctrl+ENTER to run a specific line, but that does not work. Does someone know why?

I am running on Mac (as opposed to the title in this thread), and I have vim-plus in my atom.