Copy-paste loses line ending from REPL in Juno

When I try to copy and paste from the REPL to another app (browser window, git commit dialog) many of the line endings disappear, making the pasted result pretty useless.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

Since I’m on Windows, I’m thinking this might be a line-ending issue in which some stuff is expecting/giving Windows line endings and other stuff is using Unix line endings.

Windows 10, atom 1.38.2, julia-client 0.8.9, language-julia 0.19.0, julia 1.1.1. 64 bit.

So far I couldn’t reproduce this. The output of e.g. git log looks good when pasted into an Atom editor or even notepad.exe.

I’m pasting from the REPL in atom into another app.