Discussion session and social meeting

I have attended some online workshops where there are very good breakout sessions afterwards.
the idea is to schedule a one hour meeting with a moderator. People say hello and discuss the workshop or conference topics.

I propose a social meeting - I have never been to Portugal and was looking forward to local food. Would a Portugese person from here step up and recommend some food for each of us to sample during discussion session?

If this is already on the timetable I do apologise.

I will bump this up again.
I propose an informal Hallway Chinwag after the main sessions. the concept is to talk about the proceedings of the day and also social topics.
Maybe get some Portuguese food and drink to consume together.

I have a paid for Zoom account so should be able to organise a one hour session at the end of the day.
My session timings are BST - is my browser translating into my timezone?

Yes, this is a good idea, and we’ve been thiking about how to facilitate these.

The confernce interactions will happen on a dedicated Discord server. Instructions on joning will be sent in a few days to all registered attendees.

On discord, attendees will have to option of creating impromptu voice and chat channels, which can be used for breakout and/or social gatherings.



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