NIPS 2016 Meetup



Anyone going to NIPS in Barcelona this year? We should organize a Julia meetup.


I’ll be there. I’d love to meet.


I am also attending; perhaps the easiest would be to meet for lunch during one of the main conference day lunch breaks.

How about this place/time:

  • Julia users NIPS meeting
  • Tuesday, 6th December
  • meet at 12:20 (end of morning session, begin of lunch break)
  • At the NIPS registration desk (where you get the badge and t-shirts)


I’ll be there too.
I’d love to meet.


We’re having the first Barcelona Julia meetup on the 29th of Nov - I could organize another one, a week later, if you’d like to gather around for chat and drinks. Would you like to organize a meetup on the 6th of Dec, in the evening?


Any firmer plans on when to meet ? I live in BCN, but I am not registered for the conference. I can probably get into the registration desk, if we follow @nowozin s plan


I’m cool with lunch tomorrow (Tuesday). Meet at 12:20 at registration?


Good. 12:20 at registration.


12:20 at registration. Got it - see y’all there!


In case you want to join, two of us (John L and Tom B) are meeting

  • the top of the stairs of “Jaume I” metro stop by the newspaper kiosk
  • 20:45, Tue Dec. 6

“Jaume I” is on the yellow L4 line, same as the conference site.
If you can’t make it at 20:45, but want to come, post here and we will find a way to contact you.


Alas, I won’t be in town until Thursday, but I’m interested if there are any plans for later in the week.