[ANN][STANDUP] New biweekly JuliaWeb dev discussion (via google meet): Upcoming Oct 23 10:15-11:15 ET

As there’s been interest here on discourse and on slack, I’ve set up a recurring (biweekly/every other week) google meet call where anyone is invited to participate.

Link to calendar event/google meet details: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/0?cid=Zm1oczVzaWZicm5ma3MyODVqNDdxb3V1dGdAZ3JvdXAuY2FsZW5kYXIuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbQ

For each discussion, I’ll start a post like this, with an initial agenda of items to discuss, others may feel free to post additional agenda requests, and we’ll discuss as we have time. We’re also under no obligation to take the full hour. Try to ensure you can be present for the meeting if you suggest an agenda item. I’m happy to rotate the meeting time/day as needed to accomodate more timezones/schedules. Feel free to message me directly or post here for preferences.

Initial agenda for the 1st meeting this coming Friday:

  • New URIs.jl package split from HTTP.jl
  • Overview of a few projects needing help: HTTP.jl examples/docs, exact routing, issue triage
  • Future of websockets functionality (WebSockets.jl & HTTP.WebSockets)
  • HTTP request internals deep dive for cleaner error handling

Looking forward to better organizing web efforts in Julia!

[Update]: some people reported problems with the google calendar link, it’s been updated above



FYI, I get Could not find the requested event when visiting that URL.

Yeah, a few others had problems as well; I’ve updated the link now and it should work better.

Aside: the Oxford Dictionary isn’t happy with the word “biweekly”

claiming that it means both twice a week and twice a month. In Britain we could say “fortnightly”, but that might be unusual elsewhere.


Yeah, I realize it could be confusing; I tried to mention in the post details that it will be every other week.

It’s only ambiguous because you’re so productive. :joy:


Big thanks to @Amin_Yahyaabadi, @avik, @christopher-dG, and @pfitzseb for attending the first JuliaWeb standup!

Action item takeaways:

  • Splitting the Handlers module out into a separate package; it should be a clean split, and would allow better advertising of the Handlers API that allows easy creation of custom middleware
  • Removing the URIs module in HTTP.jl and using the new URIs.jl package as a dependency
  • Cleaning up HTTP.WebSockets by going through open issues
  • Creating a new ApplicationGenerator.jl package (perhaps with a fancier name); this would potentially provide a wizard-like process for setting up an initial application skeleton (like BinaryBuilder), or using PkgTemplates to allow easy generation of “application” like projects/packages
  • Enhancing HTTP.jl documentation by providing a proper “user manual” in addition to the more API-reference style docs it already has
  • Potentially splitting out the Parsers.jl module of HTTP.jl into a separate package that handles HTTP request/response parsing

These aren’t assigned to anyone in particular, so if someone would like to take the lead, feel free! Probably best to open an issue at HTTP.jl and assign yourself and we can chat if you have additional questions/concerns in the issue or on slack #web channel.

Thanks everyone!