Looking for a speaker to show case Julia at a London meetup in November

I’m organising an evening on modern programming languages for the Open
Source Specialist Group[1] at BCS London on November 21st. I
was wondering if someone from this group would be interested in giving a
talk on Julia? (audience is tech savvy so the more technical aspects are
Event will be in the evening, 6:30 to 9pm usually, speaker slots are 30
to 45 mins (speakers discretion).



@avik, @giordano or @oxinabox might be interested in this.

@sevan I think the usual suspects from the All England Julia Meetup can come along to be in the audience too. Sounds an interesting meeting.

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That would be really cool, event is free and open to all (need registration just to make sure we’re not over capacity) I will post up the details when the program is finalised.

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Thanks for the heads up, I will wait for a response (discourse mentions as a new user that I can only reply to two people at time)

Will it be recorded?

Yes, but if a speaker would prefer not to have their talk recorded, we’re happy to accommodate.

I guess you wanted to add a link to the event? :slight_smile: Sounds cool!

I responded to you message on meetup.com a few days ago. Thanks for reaching out, I’d be happy to speak.

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unfortunately I didn’t receive any messages but it’s cool that things have worked out.
I need a talk title, very brief talk description and bio. Please include a link to social media/github/gitlab/website url you’d like to share with your bio for the website listing.
I’ll announce the event here when the listing up but otherwise you can expect to see it on oshug.org, ossg.bcs.org or bcsossg on twitter.

You can reach me via email using venture37@geeklan.co.uk.

Are you ok to pass on those details?

Registration link (ignore the close time):