Debug in remote julia mode

I tried to debug under remote julia mode, the operator and callstack seems normal but the juno can’t open the source file.

I used ftp remote edit, I think it is not support this now, right?

Do we have plan to support debugging under remote julia mode?

This does work:

But due to a limitation of ftp-remote-edit we can’t open any files that aren’t somewhere in a child directory of the “initial directory” you can set in the server-specific ftp-remote-edit settings. I’ll look into this again – maybe there’s a way around it that I didn’t see earlier.

Also, please only post either here or on GitHub, not both (cross link).

The file is in the child directory of the “initial directory”, I can open it through the remote panel.

Ah, indeed. This was a bug that only happened on Windows. Should be fixed with ink v0.10.10, so please update and report back!


Thanks for your quick fix, and ink v0.10.10 works well on my windows.

One more thing, the “initial directory” in ftp-remote-edit setting should be a real path (I used symbolic links in the beginning but it not works, not sure this is a bug or by design)

Glad it’s working now :slight_smile:

Not sure if that’s possible, but do open an issue about that here (feel free to ping me there).