Using Julia on a remote server

So I know this topic has turned up a couple of times, but I’ve gotten stuck following the documentation on

Namely, I’ve connected the servers I want to use using ftp-remote-edit, but and I’ve selected “Remote” on julia client, but I can’t set a remote pathway. The terminal keeps trying to launch off the default julia path instead of the one in Remote Options. I also don’t know how to specify which remote server I want to use (there are 2 available).

Am I missing something really obvious here?

To select one of the servers just click on it, so that you are connected (and see the file list). After that you should be able to start Julia remotely by clicking the “planet button”.

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Does scrolling work in the remote console? It works just fine for local consoles, but in a remote console I find that it cycles through the REPL history (as Ctrl-P and Ctrl-N would do). There is no scrollbar on the remote console window.

Is that with or without a tmux session? From your description it sounds like the former, so you need to use Ctrl-B [ (by default) to switch to copy mode and scroll with that.

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Yes, that was with a tmux session. I didn’t realize that enabling tmux changed behavior quite so dramatically, I will submit a doc PR to mention this.

This is quite slick. I like that the debugger Just Works, and that I can set ENV["DISPLAY"] and get GTK.jl-based applications working. Thanks, Juno devs!

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